I remember reaching downtown just as the sun began to set. San Francisco at dusk is a beautiful, bustling place. Brakes squeaking, fluorescent lights illuminating bars and restaurants. Riding road bikes through the streets sounds fantastic, but in the dusk, reality proves dangerous. Obstacles abound: trolley tracks that attempt to catch your thin wheels, taxi drivers whose patience is thin, not to mention the steep hills that define the city. As the orange light breaks through the small crevice between the grey cement sky scrapers, I give up….

I promised myself I wouldn’t be Debbie Downer (wah, waaaah). I have neglected to write because I have nothing good and hopeful to say. But today, I changed my mind. I read:   “Maybe your [experience] was grim and horrible, but grim and horrible is okay if it is well done.” -Anne Lamott “Bird by Bird” (4).   My experience is real. And I will document it accordingly.

“Radiculopathy: refers to a set of conditions in which one or more nerves are affected and do not work properly (a neuropathy). The emphasis is on the nerve root (radix = “root”). This can result in pain (radicular pain), weakness, numbness, or difficulty controlling specific muscles.” (Wikipedia)