About Me

“Living with a chronic illness is hard. Some days, navigating the healthcare system is harder.

I am a nurse, looking at healthcare from the other end of the stethoscope. Join me.”

As a young nurse in 2011, Sarah Beth Cowherd, RN began blogging about her experience in healthcare. She wanted to explore how a new generation of nurses were changing the face of healthcare through the use of technology and social media.

Soon after launching SarahBethRN, Sarah developed a rare autoimmune disease called CIDP and autoimmune autonomic neuropathy – her primary diagnoses amongst a lengthy alphabet soup list of others. Overnight she went from being a vital, healthy, athletic, University of Virginia graduate and full time cardiac nurse to a young woman with a severely debilitating illness – now facing healthcare from the opposite end of the stethoscope. Thus, began the blog’s morph into a documentary of experiences as a patient with a chronic disease – and a persistent search for answers based on the premise of trusting instincts, questioning everything and maintaining an unfailing hope that we can fix this broken system.

Today Sarah’s blog has thousands of page views by doctors, nurses, patients, caregivers, other bloggers, family and friends. Her posts have been picked up by healthcare blog KevinMD, Ragan Healthcare Communications, The 30 Best Nursing Blogs and others. Sarah writes about the phenomenal challenges faced in navigating the healthcare system as one with a chronic illness. Leaning on humor and sarcasm has served her well. Lessons can be learned – but answers are still elusive.

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