Disabled Lay Their Bodies Down


The disabled laid their bodies down today.

They laid them down in front of Mitch McConnell’s office in protest of the healthcare bill he drafted. The one that decimates Medicaid as we know it and ends protections for sick people. The bill that is an assault on the poor, the sick, the disabled.

They organized. And they came as they were–bloodied, but unbowed.

They came– with their wheelchairs, their bi-paps, their canes, their braces, their oxygen– to plead for their access to healthcare. Not only for theirs, but for all the sick, the poor, the disabled who couldn’t be there with them today. Those who are bed bound around this country. Those in institutions. The non-verbal. The mentally ill. The infants. The elderly.

They laid themselves down for us. To be a living, breathing image of what this legislation will do to the most vulnerable among us–strip them of their dignity and their right to life.


There was another who laid His body down for us. And I believe if He lived among us now, He would have been there, in front of McConnell’s office–around the modern day Pool of Bethesda. There, today, a multitude of sick, paralyzed, and lame lay waiting for the water to move, or for one to come along and ask, “Do you want to be made well?”

I believe God cares about providing healthcare to His people. He spent a good portion of His three years in ministry on this Earth healing the sick of their ailments. Telling them to, “Rise!” Just as He would.


So Christian, I implore you. Lay your bodies down for the poor, the sick, and the disabled this week. They need you now more than ever. Show them that you care about their earthly sufferings. Fight with them. With me.

Together we rise.


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  1. Great post, Sarah! May pass it on to my Senators, although I think they both already are against the bill.

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