Here We Go

Whenever I get gloomy about the state of healthcare, I think of my patients. I remember their faces in their darkest hour. I remember what a kind word, a smile, or a simple touch can do to change their world.

As a new, young nurse, I believe I have the privilege to affect change in healthcare—if even only for one patient during one shift. I bring energy, resilience, and a fresh point of view onto a stage already set with too much red tape, bureaucracy, and bad press.

The characters in the show never cease to amaze me either. Burnt out nurses tired of 20 years of ever increasing paperwork, under qualified managers appointed to their position by default, and an entire system too set in their ways to imagine a healthcare setting where technology actually works to the advantage of everyone. I beg to ask the question:

What if we changed the system?

What if we, the new generation of nurses, brought with us to the floors and units across the country an innovative set of ideas, a large knowledge base of gadget technology created to simplify life, and a vivacious affection for people? This triple threat offensive has the potential to not only revamp current practices, but also to improve the safety and efficacy of our work.

Instead of becoming jaded and cynical toward the system we have before us, lets revitalize it.  Think of our patients.


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