iPad or iPhone Medical App Developer Needed

I have an idea for a medical app. I’m writing it here now so that if it ever happens, you all know from whom the idea came.

Recently, I have worked with a lot of very large wound and incision infections. Because of the type of wound, it is very unlikely that the wound will ever totally heal (sad, but true). It is possible that with the slew of broad spectrum antibiotics and wound vacs these wounds may improve a bit, but they will never dissolve completely.

Each day we nurses change the dressings for multiple similar wounds on our unit. We continuously get asked, “How does it look?” by the physicians. Ummm….it looks good? And in report, “I changed the dressing, it looks better.”

While “better” and “good” seem appropriate, it really doesn’t help me see the progression or regression of some of these possibly fatal wounds.

Here is my idea: A wound management app. iWound.

This app would provide the capability to monitor and track wound progression in multiple patients. Each day a photograph of the wound or incision would be logged. You would have the ability to see each day’s pictures frame by frame or side by side to easily view color changes or progression. Each day you can log measurements such as width, length, and depth (could possibly be auto measured by the app itself?)

This could be easily downloaded into the EMR and would be invaluable to physicians and wound specialists that do not have daily interaction with the wound itself.


Who’s in?!


6 Comments on “iPad or iPhone Medical App Developer Needed

  1. Sarah not only would this be helpful in the U.S. but I can see HUGE potential for this with community health workers overseas who don’t have daily contact with post-hospitalized patients. They could use the app to share information with other workers and possibly decrease re-admittance rates by catching complications earlier. I’m thinking about the type of work Vera Cordiero’s Renascer center does in Brazil – volunteers helping provide post-hospitalization health care to the poor to reduce the rate of rehospitalization. I think there are a ton of potential apps out there that could extend quality health care to the poor by making it more mobile. Love your thinking!

    • Great idea, Sarah! I’ve worked with a developer on two different apps – one for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad and the other as a general mobile platform. Let me know how I can help you. I am willing to introduce you to contacts, etc. Love it when nurses rock innovation in health care!

  2. Sarah, I think this is a fabulous idea! I just completed my BSN in May, but during my last clinical, I had an opportunity to follow the wound care nurses throughout the hospital. From that experience, I truly believe that an app like this could revolutionize the way wounds are cared for. Tracking their progression this accurately will hopefully standardize care from nurse to nurse, doctor to doctor. I hope that someone is able to create what you’ve envisioned…SOON!

  3. Are you sure this is worth its own app or is just a feature of an EMR or other hospital IT system that needs to be built?

  4. Hi Sarah, I stumbled across your blog page whilst researching on an upcoming project. I agree with you 100% and your thinking, matches my vision. Over the past 3 years I have been developing a web-based wound management application, Elixr (www.woundassessment.co.uk) with the aim to communicate clinical excellence in wound care. The application has advanced wound measurement tools that takes a standard digital image and provides objective measurements (area, circumference, width and height) and tissue analysis (granulation, slough/fibrin & necrotic tissue). These are then stored in an interactive wound diary to accurately monitor the wound healing process. This can be accessed through any device with internet connection. The problem is not in the idea, but in changing the way clinicians work. Overcoming this hurdle will see a major change in wound assessment. If you would like to talk about this further please contact me.

  5. I think it is a great idea, use can also use the color analysis to check the changes of the wound bed, I think the change of area is better to note the change. Hope your apps is coming soon, I hope onto only using iphone but also for android app.

    Joe, one wound nurse in Hong Kong

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