Mayo Clinic Day 1: Initial Consultations

I had to check in at 7am. The system ran beautifully. After the nurse ran my vitals and took my weight, we were given a beeper. When that goes off, they would bring me back to see the doctor. Because I was an add on for the day, we had to wait until a doctor had a cancellation. Less than an hour later, the beeper sounded.

I must say I was nervous walking back to the consultation room.

My initial consultation was with an internist: Dr. Hurt, ironically. I couldn’t help but wonder if he will be the one to fix MY hurts. He went through my symptoms systematically and diligently. No stone was left unturned. I finally was in front of a physician who did not rush. He took me seriously. He told me he would look for the Zebra that is causing my sickness. A breath of fresh air.

Music to my ears during the consultation: “I will own your case”. Not once in 3 months have I heard those words.

After the physical exam, Dr. Hurt sat down with me and my friends and explained what tests he was going to run and what specialists he wanted me to see.

In the afternoon, I saw an infectious disease specialist. He did not seem to think that my illness is connected to anything infectious. The big thing he said was that he did not think it was postherpatic neuralgia–which was the best guess of all my physicians at home.

To be honest, I was pretty upset after this consultation. I wish he had done more testing. But my friends reminded me that I need to trust his experience and intuition that what I am experiencing is not related to an infectious process. I do feel the need to bring up my concerns about the consultation when I see Dr. Hurt again on Monday.

Monday will be busy:

Physical Medicine. Sleep Medicine. Internist (Dr. Hurt). Neurology. Possibly Immunology–if I can be an add on.

Right now I’m in my hotel room. I’m very tired even though I’ve only been up a couple of hours. I’ll drift off to sleep to the sight of Jeremy Lin playing incredible basketball.

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  1. Very busy day for you well at least you are being seen. Still no answers yet on what is causing you to feel the way you are. Hopefully you will get your answers soon @ yes you are probably saying not quick enough. Heard many good things about the Mayo Clinic. I live in Canada @ I guess they may do things differently here. You are keeping your head above water which is all good @ hopefully you will get some positive feedback @ answers that you are looking for.
    Thinking of you @ praying that it will all iron out at the end. Good job for making it this far. xo

    • Sarah,
      Maybe it will help if you jot down your questions and concerns and then bring them with you to your appt. with Dr. Hurt. It sounds like your ID doc may not have communicated with you very well to leave you with these concerns.

  2. When you don’t understand, it is important to ask why certain things (tests) are and are not done. I’m confident that your doctors want you to understand their methodology. Keep notes and keep asking. I’m so glad you’re feeling heard and that you’re an active part of your care.

  3. Hi!

    So good to see you can still smile : >). The Holy Land Small Group (21 people) had a wonderful breakfast Saturday at the Hugels, and while we enjoyed visiting with our fellow pilgrims, we missed you three ladies. We did pray for you then and again in church this morning, so I hope you felt covered with love. Thanks for keeping us posted.

    Diane Liedman

  4. Sara,
    If you are reading this, there are several Mayo Clinics across the USA.

    Please advise __ Which MAYO Clinic were you?????

    Thank you.

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