Mayo Clinic Day 3: Pain

I had a rough day today. Excuse the short post.

EMG in the morning–where they basically stick needles in your muscles. They must have hit the spot as I have been in awful pain and spasms ever since. The doctor said everything looked normal. No nerve damage.

Next, I had an appointment with an anesthesiologist to help with the pain. She did a nerve block to the nerve roots in the area where my pain is–more needles in the back. More pain despite the local anesthetic. The block should have worked within 30-45 minutes. I was really thinking it was going to work. So that being said, I am not only in severe pain tonight, but also my spirits are down.

The nerve block was as much a diagnostic tool, as it was a pain relief procedure. That meaning, it is possible the reason for my pain is not what we have been thinking. And so we go on…

Tomorrow begins at 0800am with Rheumatology. We will sit and wait to get into Immunology early after that.

Frustrated. In pain. Tired.

Tonight, I’m trying to remember the hope I experienced yesterday.

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