Mayo Clinic Day 5: We Beat Mabel

Today was oddly funny.

We didn’t see any doctors. We sat in the waiting room from 7am to 11am. Then 12pm-3pm. Talk about a vacuum of time. Maybe this is why:

We left the room at 7am. After a week of little sleep, we were dragging. As we sluggishly approached the elevator, we see a little old lady getting in ahead of us. She sees us walking faster to catch it. She holds the door for us. As Kim maneuvers the wheelchair in the door, another nice old couple moves to the side to make room for us young-ins. Kim says, “15 please”. It seems we were all headed to the same floor.

Once we hit the 15th floor we were off. Kim allowed all the older people off the elevator before she pushed me off. The old couple and the old lady were walking toward the same desk where we were headed.

As I mentioned yesterday, we were taking advantage of a Mayo practice called “checking”–which means you get put on a list in first come first serve order, and see a doctor if someone cancels last minute or is a no-show. This means we HAVE to be first in line. Especially for immunology. With only a few doctors seeing patients, the likelihood of getting in is very low. If you aren’t first, you wait in vain.

Seeing the old couple and the little old lady heading to the immunology desk, Kim and I looked at each other and knew what we had to do. Kim begins speed walking (Note: Kim recently finished a half marathon in 2hours and 30 minutes by speed walking). I’m saying “Hurry, take the quick right and beat them around the corner.” We edge them out and get first in line. While laughing, I said to Kim, “I don’t even feel bad.” As the little old lady walks up behind us, Kim laughs, “I do”.

We are first on the list. Mabel checks in behind us. Is it karma we didn’t get called today?


6 Comments on “Mayo Clinic Day 5: We Beat Mabel

  1. Yes that was bad juju! 😛 Even though you didn’t get in, I’m glad to hear your spirits were up and you found some humor in it all.

  2. In the words of Ricky Bobby, “If you’re not first, you’re last”…. Too funny. Keep your great attitude Sarah. Sending you lots of prayers and healing vibes.

  3. Hope all is going well for you. Have missed hearing of your experiences the last few days.

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