New graduate nurses can’t find jobs. What gives?

You would think that with the current nursing shortage, new graduate nurses would be among the highest in hiring percentages of professionals entering the workforce in this economy. But current statistics (and new graduate nurse friends of mine) beg to differ. In fact, the American Nurses Association poses that 45% of new graduate nurses in 2010 are still without jobs. Almost half of the nurses that graduated this year can’t find jobs?!

New Grads, A few words of advice:

1. Be persistent! Don’t give up because you didn’t get your first or second (or third) choice in jobs. This market is only temporary and will turn around.

2. Network! Find some people you know that can hook you up with a nurse manager. Don’t just stop with submitting your resume to HR (things tend to back up there in that department). Call a manager on the unit you are applying to show independence and commitment.

3. Check out the community! Just until this market turns, check out some jobs in at home care, hospice, and community clinics.

Check out the American Nurses Associations new Nurse’s Career Centerwhich offers resources for new grads trying to get a job. Good luck!


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