Nurses Make Good Inventors: Take 2

Remember when I said nurses make good inventors?

Yea, I’m going to have to brag one more time.

Nate Lewis, RN on the left

A personal friend and former coworker, Nate Lewis, RN recently founded a Clothing & Art line called Somaphony (pronounced Suh-MA-fuh-Nee, like ‘symphony’). With his T-shirt line, Nate combines his two passions, music and anatomy. His work is hand drawn and features images such as red blood cells, the brain, and the heart  (all in anatomically correct proportions, i might add).

His T’s are as affordable as they are awesome. Check out his website to order (he also keeps a blog).

Nurses make good inventors


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  1. Sarah, thanks for the love! Appreciate it greatly, it means so much, I need all the help I can get with this. You presented it awesome. I digs and the pics matched the color of your site reeeeal nice haha.

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