Dear Friend:

I am a young woman driven with a purpose:

To inform others…
clinicians of all kinds
others who are chronically ill
YOU, whoever you are, gentle reader…
on what it feels like to be a nurse navigating the healthcare system from the other end of the stethoscope.

My goal is to share my journey of chronic illness and hope for a cure in an effort to enhance communications between patients and their medical teams. And I think there is much we can learn from each other on this blog.

After all, no one knows what it feels like to be chronically ill like us, right? As much as they care about us, not our parents, siblings or any other family member. Not our best friends. And not our doctors, nurses or other members of our medical team. So how can we help them help us?

Please join me on my journey. Share your stories, your successes, or a good joke for a rainy day! Subscribe to my blog – and contact me if you’d like to be a guest blogger. I think our voices are better together.

Thank you for your interest!

Sarah Beth Cowherd, RN