People I shook hands with IRL at #MayoRagan

I’m here in Rochester, MN at the Health Care Social Media Summit Hosted by Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media and presented by Ragan Communications. As a self proclaimed social media and healthcare geek, I must admit I am a bit star struck. People like @LeeAase, @ShelHoltz, and @EdBennett. Here are a few I’ve had the opportunity to shake hands with:

@DrMikeSevilla- Had lunch with Dr. Sevilla. His passion for Family Medicine Advocacy is motivating and exciting to see. His website is appropriately

@MikeBoehmer7- He’s here at his first MayoRagan and says he feels he’s in the right place. His wordpress blog here:

@DanDunlop- Highly spoken of by @karencorrigan with CorriganPartners, I shook hands with Dan at the cocktail reception. Enjoy his blog posts about the conference (especially the shoutout to my colleague @kskipperfoster in 20 people to meet at #MayoRagan)

@westr- First met IRL in Jacksonville at the MayoRagan conference earlier this year. He pointed out how when getting involved in social media, you find you really evolve in terms of interests and focus.

@RichmondDoc- This is a passionate guy: From his work in the mountains of Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic, to his work with rural immigrants in Virginia, to spreading social media across the healthcare masses. With his many interests, he says he likes jumping from soapbox to soapbox.

@EndoGoddess- @westr said it best when he said this physician and entrepreneur is transparent. She has responded beautifully when asked multiple times about HIPAA questions and confidentiality: She thinks reaching patients through technology and social media is just something that needs to be done. So she does it.

SN- I rode the elevator with @MarkRaganCEO. He came off very down to earth as he asked us what we thought of the physicians panel.

Some I’ve seen from across the room and would love to meet:

@MeredithGould, @SeattleMamaDoc, @RAwarrior, @Healthblawg, @ctsinclair, @chrisboyer

Stay tuned for further takeaways from the conference!

5 Comments on “People I shook hands with IRL at #MayoRagan

  1. Sarah, one more thing, I’m a big fan of your mom. You didn’t know that I new the connection! Hah!

  2. Great to meet you! Glad to have found your blog. It’s so cool connecting with people who are using social media to make the world a better place!

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