A New Resolution for the Chronically Ill


As the New Year is upon us, I can’t help but think about resolutions, goals, the future–and what that will look like. For the chronically ill, the future doesn’t necessarily seem so bright. The New Year may not always seem so hopeful.

Recently, it was New Year’s Day. I saw a ton of New Year’s Resolutions on Facebook that were simple, yet flawed in my opinion. “I hope you have a happy and healthy year.” “This year, I will live a healthier lifestyle.”


“Eat better.”

“Lose weight…”

I’m also at that time in life where a lot of my friends are having babies. And so many times I hear, “I just want them to be happy and healthy.”

These statements have huge implications for those who are sick. If being “happy and healthy” is all you want for your children, what happens when they get sick? If what is important this year is that we get healthier, what happens when you get sicker?

Health can’t be our end goal because for some, that may never come.

We need a better resolution because this could be the year you get cancer. It could be the year you injure your back. It could be the year you find yourself like me, not a practitioner, but a patient.

And I don’t say that lightly. I know it sounds depressing, and gloomy, and not ‘glass half full’ thinking. And it may be, but it is realistic. It is the truth. We don’t know what is coming, and if health is our resolution, if health is all we want for our children, for our future, what are we left with when affliction comes?

Rather than resolving to be healthy, I resolve to:

  • Live how I will have wished to have lived on the day that I die (stolen from Jonathan Edwards).
  • Be stronger in mind and body.
  • Be found faithful in the end.
  • Live in the moment because life won’t begin if and when I get healthy. Life is now.

So this year, instead of seeking health above all else, may we resolve to be better people, better mothers, friends, children, spouses. May we seek to be stronger willed, better minded, more faithful.

Let us strive, not for health, but for wholeness.

One Comment on “A New Resolution for the Chronically Ill

  1. Sarah,
    I absolutely love this healthy lifestyle thinking. I am into mindfulness and staying and appreciating the moment. You are awesome Sarah. God never wastes a hurt. Hope to see you tomorrow night for the Home Run movie at 6:30, First Hall.
    Love and peace, Susan

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