Social Media Policy Gone Wrong

Sam Houston State University drafted a social media policy which left many of the students upset. The students protested with a “free speech wall” that allowed students or faculty walking by to write anything they wanted on the wall. Yada, Yada the police chimed in and the students took down the wall. Read the full story here if you’d like (thanks @nursingpins for the article).

What bothered the students so much was in the draft, the school required that any campus related social media account (Twitter, Facebook, etc) had to give the school administrative access. The school then had the power to edit and censor information on these pages.

I’ll give the university props for at least attempting to assemble a social media team and creating a draft policy.

But I must ask, what is social about a censored account?

In my last post, Social Media Policy: Why your hospital needs one, I suggested that social media policies need to be inclusive, not exclusive. Allow your employees, or students in this case, to create an honest social space. That is where true marketing happens. When someone real, and uncensored, recommends your hospital (or school).

Let’s be honest. You can’t control what is said about you online. But you can create your own social spaces and become a part of what people are saying about you.

Let’s be honest. Let’s be real. Let’s be inclusive.

2 Comments on “Social Media Policy Gone Wrong

  1. Excellent point you’ve made here.

    Nursing Schools should educate on professionalism and responsibility in healthcare social media…. not bullying and scare nurses away from it. The potentials for social media to improve nursing and healthcare are worth the ‘risks’ some schools are afraid of.

    Social media is here to stay. No need in trying to burn the facebooks.

  2. “Let’s be honest. Let’s be real. Let’s be inclusive.”

    Well said. In being honest and being real, we could create friendships with other people who have the same principles, likes and dislikes. If a school then had the power to edit and censor information on our social media pages, what is the use of these social media services, eh?

    Thanks for sharing,
    Peny@Mother Robin Lim: 2011 CNN Hero of the Year

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