Trained nursing assistant comes to the aid of Congresswoman Giffords

This video speaks for itself, but if I may…


Hernandez, a trained nursing assistant, ran amidst the gunfire to Congresswoman Giffords and possibly saved her life. He points out that he wanted to attend to her emotional needs in the midst of his life sustaining efforts. He wanted to let her know she was not alone.


This really speaks to the need for a multifaceted approach in the nursing (and medical) profession. In this most tragic of circumstances, when the only things we as medical professionals would think about is applying pressure or inserting a breathing tube, this young man grabbed the patient’s hand and told her she was not alone.


Despite this effort, he does not want to be called a hero.


Well, sir, upon your request, I will not call you a hero. But, I would like to thank you for the reminder to think of the whole patient in even the most dire of circumstances.


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